Prism Coat

Prism Coat


For my birthday my husband wanted to buy me a coat, and after a fruitless search, I decided to buy fabric and make one instead!


I use the highest quality locally sourced Eco-Wise Pendleton Wool that uses a sustainable dyeing and milling process. 

The classic design silhouette is also functional with inseam and patch pockets. The collar is contrasted with a super soft black wool. The back has a intricate patch that I created with a series of folds and cuts. 


This coat is lined with a durable bright orange rayon with a functional interior welt pocket.


Fits slightly oversize, allowing for layers under the coat. It is fastened closed with coordinating button in either gold or silver, fastened with a hand sewn couture button hole. I love pockets so I added patch pockets as well as side-inseam pockets.  


Wool is the fur on a sheep that keeps them cool in the summer, and warm in the bitter cold winters. Wool is made from shearing the sheep (giving them a hair cut) and then felted into a fabric, making it animal and eco friendly. The coat is inherently water resistant and can be worn in the rain. Woohoo! 


Good things come to those who wait.

This coat is handmade using traditional bespoke tailoring techniques and takes 4-6 weeks to create.

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