About the Process

Each garment is designed to fit my personal needs for my life in the Pacific Northwest, where today the warm spring sun was followed by an onslaught of sideways hail! 

I use the highest quality sustainable fabrics that are easy to care for with natural fibers such as wool and cotton. All fabrics are purchased locally and are created using sustainable ecologically friendly processes. I will mend or alter any of my designs free of charge for the life of the item of clothing.  

Slow Fashion Movement

I have been traveling a bit while producing my jewelry line Rising Blue overseas in Thailand and Indonesia, and while I fully embrace the globalized economy that we live in, I am also disappointed at the resulting homogeneous fashion designs it produces. I crave individual, local designs that fit my exact needs. Furthermore, fast fashion creates waste, both in the disposable quality of the construction and production methods, resulting in long term environmental damage.

"With retailers selling the latest fashion trends at very low prices, consumers are easily swayed to purchase more than they need. But this overconsumption comes with a hidden price tag, and it is the environment and workers in the supply chain that pay." 

About Mary

I am a professional apparel designer and have worked for corporate brands such as Quiksilver, O'neill, and Cleobella before launching my jewelry brand Rising Blue. I have a bachelors degree in both Apparel and Textile Design and Fashion Merchandising from University California State, Long Beach.